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5 Must-See Attractions When Visiting Orlando, Florida

The Sunshine State is one of the most visited states in the US. It is a top tourist destination where tourists from all across the States and other parts of the globe come. The city of Orlando is located in a region known for being a top tourist attraction.

The city itself has a lot to offer to tourists who come to visit Orlando, Florida. The city is a top tourist attraction itself, and that is because of the year-round moderate climate of the city, which is perfect for tourist activities, along with several top tourist attractions all across the city. 

If you are planning a tour to Orlando anytime soon or if it is on your itinerary for your next Florida vacation, then we have listed some incredible and must-see tourist attractions in the city. No matter what your plans and preferences are, these places are simply unmissable, and you must visit them for the finest touring experience in Orlando, Florida. 

The Five Best Places To See In Orlando, Florida

While many people consider Orlando to be only a family destination that is filled with activities targeted at children, the city has a lot to offer, and even solo adults or a group of friends travelling to the city can find a lot of options to keep them entertained. Let us now check out the five best places to visit in Orlando. 

Walt Disney World Parks

This has to be the first name on the list simply because it has been the most popular family destination in Florida ever since the Disney Magic Kingdom started operating in 1971. Also known as “Disney World”, this place has four theme parks, two water parks, along with a shopping and entertainment district. It also has a sports complex and an extensive boardwalk, with over 28 accommodation options owned by Disney itself.

SeaWorld Orlando

Another major tourist attraction of the city, SeaWorld, is popular for its massive aquariums, dolphins, and whale shows. You also get to see several touch pools and can enjoy several exciting rides. The place offers the guests the opportunity to enter the interactive dolphin pool and pet the beautiful and intelligent creatures. You can also get a tour to see several marine creatures, including killer whales, sea lions, sharks, and even penguins. 

Discovery Cove

Located just alongside SeaWorld, Discovery Cove is another major and premier tourist attraction in Orlando. The place offers an opportunity for tourists to interact with the ocean life in a very natural setting. Activities include snorkelling along a coral reef and exploring underwater with full diving facilities, or even something as exciting as swimming with the dolphins. There’s also a huge aviary for some bird-watching. 

Universal Theme Parks

Another popular family destination, this one is perfect if you need some good fun and entertainment for all family members travelling. Universal Orlando Resort There are several new activities to do here, including individual parks and fun adventure rides like the Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay. 


A dedicated tourist destination where you can see thousands of crocodiles, alligators, and various other reptiles on display. You can also see some of them performing in daily shows and demonstrations, with the “Alligator Jumparoo” show and “Gator Wrestlin'” being very popular.

Final Words 

If you are planning to visit Orlando, Florida, then no matter where else you go, these five spots simply cannot be missed on your vacation.  

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